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Chinook landscaping and design installs high quality fences and decks. You can choose from many difference materials for your fence or deck including cedar, pressure treated, meranti hardwood, composite or vinyl.


If you are choosing your fence and deck material based on budget then your first choice will likely be pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is the least expensive material when it comes to building a fence or deck. Pressure treated wood stands up well in Calgary's climate and it can be painted or stained.P

Pressure treated wood.
If you don't mind the maintenance that goes with pressure treated wood then it may be a good option for your landscaping project. When it comes to fences, 4x6 pressure treated posts should always be used. Avoid using 4x4 posts as the can tend to warp or bend and they don't handle the weight of your fence as well as 4x6 posts. A screwed fence or deck will always last longer than a nailed one so make sure to screw your fence and deck boards in order to give your deck or fence a longer life.

Cedar wood
Cedar is the most popular material we use for fence and deck installations.  Cedar fences and decks are not much more expensive than pressure treated and add a beautiful look to your front or back yard landscaping. In order to maintain the beatutiful rich look of cedar it will require annual maintenance.  We recommend staining cedar fences or decks a minimum of once every 2 years. Once a year is optimum. Cedar can be painted or stained.  


Meranti or Batu hardwood.
Meranti hardwood is a stunning hardwood. The look of Meranti hardwood is rich and classy and is hard to beat. It has a rich redish brown look and is know for its durabilty and strenght.  Because Meranti is a hardwood it will last much longer than cedar or pressure treated wood.  IT will also resist scratches much more than traditional wood.  This is the most expensive option for fences or decks but the look is well worth it.  

Compostite decks
Composite is on it's way to becoming the most popular material choice for deck installations. THe reason it is growing in popularity is because it requires no maintenence incuding painting and staining. In the past, compsite would break down, fade and discolor over time but the new composite materials seem to be much more durable and long lasting.  Composite is more costly than pressure treated or cedar wood and is more labor intensive to install

Vinyl fences
Vinyl fences are a great choice if you are looking for a zero maintenance option. The cost for a vinyl fence is more than cedar or pressure treated but zero maintenance means you will save on paint and stain over the years. In the past vinyl fences were manufactured from recylcled vinyl and they would tend to break down, fade and warp over time.  Always choose virgin vinyl for the most long lasting material  

Pergolas and Privacy Screens
Pergolas are an excellent way to add a cozy feel to your landscaping environment.  They also provide shade and interest to your back yard or front yard landscaping.  We typically use cedar as the material for our pergola installations.  Cedar pergolas give your pergola a warm earthy look and are a great accent feature to soften landscapes.

Privacy screens can be used to create privacy or simply as an accent feature to divide different areas of your yard.  Meranti or cedar are great choices for your privacy screen wood because they help to soften your landsdcape and create interest.  We like to use horizontal privacy screen slats with just enough space between them to add privacy but still give your screen an airy feel that is not to imposing.


Chinook landscaping and design offers all of these fence and deck options. Call us today to discover what option is best for your property.


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