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Rubber Playground Tiles

Rubber Playground tiles are a great addition to your landscaping if you have young children, active teens or just want an area you can workout on.  Rubber playground tiles are great for around playground equipment like slides and swingsets as they soften the landing for young kids.  Rubber playground tiles provide a much cleaner surface than traditional mulch products pea gravel, mulch or rubber mulch.   They can also be used for sportcourts for playing sports such as badminton or volleyball.  Many of our customers incorporate rubber playbround tiles into their landscaping to use as yoga or gymnastic areas.  We install our rubber playground tiles with the same preparation as paving stones.  The compacted granular base gives you a strong sub surface that resists frost heaving in the winter.  It also helps to keep your rubber tiles level without uneven surfaces.  Rubber playground tiles come in many different colors including black, green, blue and red.  They also come in a variety of thicknesses so you can choose a tile that has an apropriate softness or firmness depending on your appication.  As us about our free estimates for your rubber playground tiles.   


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