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Spruce and Pine tree Lawn Damage
We often see lawns completely destroyed underneath spruce trees. The lack of sunlight combined with the reduced amount of moisture causes the lawn to die out. As well, the grass can be smothered by the needles and pine cones. The best solution for this problem is to remove the sod and create an attractive bed underneath the tree. This can be done by placing a perimeter of stone around the base and out about 5-6 feet. The stone can either be stack stone, flagstone slab, or river rock. After placing the stone, fill the bed with cedar mulch or other decorative landscaping topping and forget about messing with grass that won't grow properly. Insects and aphids bothering your roses.

Rose pests
f your rose bushes have problems with insects like aphids, place some garlic cloves in to the soil, push them down about a half inch. The garlic will ward off insects and protect your rose bushes.

Wasting water
Always try to water your lawn and garden in the early morning or late evening. Watering at these times can really save water and that can mean a lower water bill. Watering in the day time can cause water to evaporate. Watering in direct sun light can also burn the leaves of grass and other plantings. If you don't have an automated sprinkler system you can always purchase a timer for your hose and attach it to the end closest to the house, set it for 5 or 6 am and now you have an automated sprinkler system. You can also help retain the water in the soil by adding mulch or other ground coverings over landscape fabric. Applying mulch can greatly reduce the evaporation of moisture in your garden beds.

Over-fertilizing causes problems.
Did you know that you can feed your lawn and garden too much? Over-fertilizing can cause your plants to becomenvery ill and even die. Fertilize your lawn and garden twice per season at most, once at the beginning and once at the end. Watch for signs of over fertilization like yellowing of the leaves, or burn spots on the foliage. Follow all instructions for fertilizer applications, as misreading or misinterpreting instructions is often the most common reason for over-fertilization. Water your trees and shrubs well in fall. Many people neglect watering their trees and shrubs in the fall because they assume the plants don't need the moisture as the weather is cooler. It is actually very important to water your trees and shrubs thoroughly in the fall the build up the water reserves for winter. In late September oar early October we recommend a good soaking of all trees and shrubs on your property.

Dogs and lawns
Dogs are nice to have around, but they can be very hard on lawns. Female dog urine is especially harmful to grass because the squat and the urine is concentrated in one area. Frequently watering the urine in to dilute it can help, and bone meal can make an improvement in the burn spots. The best way to deal with dead patches from dog urine is to create a small for the dog to use, and install with pea gravel. This gives the dog a consistent place to go potty, and will give your lawn a break. Birch Leafminer BIrch Leafminer can cause damage to your birch tree in Calgary and although it rarely kills the tree it certainly leaves your tree looking dead or close to dead. To learn more about how to deal with and treat birch leafminer, click here Look for more lawn and garden tips at 



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