No deposits or progress payments

It has always been our company policy to not ask for deposits for progress payments from any of our landscaping customers. Often, a major area of stress for homeowners can be when they pay out a large deposit to a company for their landscaping. The landscaper may not always show up at the agreed time to start the landscaping project. This delay can leave the customer waiting and worrying about the money they have already paid out. When it comes to deposits, we believe that professional companies who use quality materials and perform quality workmanship, should not have to take a deposit.

We don't need a payment to make progress with your landscaping project.
Many lanscapers in Calgary will ask you for a deposit or a progress payment to continue with your landscaping, at Chinook landscaping we don't ask for either.
We would highly recommend you ask your landscape company about deposits and/or progress payments before agreeing to have them do the work. There can be all sorts of grey areas about how much of a deposit or progress payment you should make, and it is not uncommon to have disputes about what kind of progress has been made and how much should be payed out. We believe if you are a professional landscaping company in Calgary, and you do quality work, you should not need to ask for payment from your customer until the job is finished and the customer is happy with the finished product.

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