stone garden bed retainers

stone garden bed retainers

Stone Garden Bed Retainers
Using a stone garden bed reatainer to finish off your garden beds is a great way to add class to your landscape. Stack stone retaining walls come in a variety of styles and colors and they can be installed a square planters or we can create a variety of curves for your garden bed.
Stone garden bed retainers are a great way to define the garden areas around your home. They not only add beauty to your property but they also increase the value of your home. You can choose to have a single layer of stack stone installed or have many layers or tiers installed depending on your preference. Chinook Garden and Patio designs and installs, durable and beautiful stack stone garden bed retainers.

Paving Stone walkways and Patios
Paving stones are very durable and unlike concrete they won't crack. Their long life and classic look appeal to many home and business owners. We can install walkways, patios, or driveway pads using paving stones.
A paving stone patio adds class and value to your property. Chinook landscaping can create a superb paving stone patio for your property utilizing the many colors and textures available. To view stack stone options click here

We install paving stones properly.
To install our paving stones or interlocking brick we start by excavating and removing the soil. Then we install crushed gravel to give your paving stones a good base. After we install the gravel we then tamp the gravel until it is very hard and add a skiff of sand to place the paving stones on. This site preparation before installation of the paving stone or interlocking brick is the most important part of the process. A properly installed base means your patio, driveway or walkway will last for a very, very long time without sinking or heaving in certain areas.

Fire pits
Stack stone and roman stack fire pits surrounded by paving stones provides and attractive place for friends and family to meet. Stack stone gives you a long lasting durable fire pit that burns long and safely. Fire pit packages come with a steel grate for the top of the fire pit. The fire pits packages are not expensive and provide years of enjoyment.

Spruce Tree Solutions
Stack stone tree wells for around spruce trees are a great way to clean up a messy area of needles and unusable lawn area. The high acidity from the spruce needles often burns and destroys lawn areas. You can choose to have a very attractive tree well installed around your spruce tree and install cedar mulch in the center of it. Or you can choose to plant some low light plants such as hostas in this area. To see and example of a stack stone tree well for a spruce tree see the landscaping calgary photo page.

Natural Flagstone
Flagstone is natural stone slab that comes in a variety of thicknesses, and colors. We recommend using 2 inch slab for walkways and patios as the 1" could crack under stress. Flagstone creates a classy look for your property and goes well with pre-fab stack stone. Flagstone comes in many colors including charcoal, tan and many other natural stone colors.
We can help you design an attractive flagstone walkway or patio for your home or business

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