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Choosing a landscaper based on website reviews
We really appreicate the great reviews we recieve from our customers on various review websites found on the interenet. We know that potential customer use these reviews to decide which landscaping company they are going to choose to create their new landscape. The unfortunate aspect of these online reviews is not all the reviews can be seen as accurate or legitamate. Many review sites do not ask for any information from the person who posts the review so that the review can be verified. Therefore it is quite possible that many reviews you see on the review sites are not actually from customers. They could be posted by friends or family of the company, competitors, or even the company employees themselves. The onlyreview website we know of that requests important verifiable information from the customer that we know of is The Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau will not post a review until it has been verified. As well, the Better Business Bureau has a rating system that rates companies based on the amount of time they have been in business and weather nor not there have been complaints against the business. Customers can call the Better Business Bureau and speak to a representative to make a formal complaint. So the ratings you see on the Better Business Bureau are real, verified and based soley on real reviews from real people.
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Our landscaping estimates are detailed and include all your requests, and we address all your concerns. We break down all the landscaping components separately , materials and labour are included in each estimate. We will answer all your questions clearly. No grey areas, no hidden costs.

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