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Chinook landscaping and design installs high quality fences and decks. You can choose from many difference materials for your fence or deck including cedar, pressure treated, meranti hardwood, composite or vinyl.

Choosing your material
If you are choosing your fence and deck material based on budget then your first choice will likely be pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is the least expensive material when it comes to building a fence or deck. Pressure treated wood stands up well in Calgary's climate and it can be painted or stained. If you don't mind the maintenance that goes with pressure treated wood then it may be a good option for your landscaping project. When it comes to fences, 4x6 pressure treated posts should always be used. Avoid using 4x4 posts as the can tend to warm or bend and they don't handle the weight of your fence as well as 4x6 posts. A screwed fence or deck will always last longer than a nailed one so make sure to screw your fence and deck boards in order to give your deck or fence a longer life. Cedar fences and decks are not much more expensive than pressure treated and add a beautiful look to your front or back yard landscaping. Cedar can be painted or stained. IF you paint your cedar fence or deck it will require the same repainting as pressure treated. About once very 5 years. If you choose to stain your cedar deck or fence you will need to stain it once every two years at a minimum and preferably once a year. Meranti hardwood fences are the most expensive wodod material but the fact the wood is a hardwood as opposed to a soft wood like cedar means your fence or deck will last longer. The look of Meranti hardwood is rich and classy and is hard to beat. Composite decks are fast becoming a popular choice for our landscaping clients. Older composite decks tended to warp and discolor but the new materials seem to be much better and do not have these defects. Composite deck material is costly, more than cedar and about the same as Meranti but they do not require any painting or maintenance. Vinyl fences are a great choice if you are looking for a zero maintenance option. The cost for a vinyl fence is more than cedar or pressure treated but zero maintenance means you will save on paint and stain over the years. Chinook landscaping and design offers all of these fence and deck options. Call us today to discover what option is best for your property.



Chinook Landscaping Calgary
Chinook is your local Calgary landscaper. Chinook Landscaping is a full-service design and build company with many years of experience. We provide services for all phases of landscape design, construction and installation. We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the
Calgary community through efficient and cost-effective methods.
Our complete landscape installations include paving stone
walkways and patios, stone garden bed retainers, sod, and trees and shrubs. Since 2003, we have been creating beautiful, affordable landscapes for our Calgary customers. Our years of experience and our specialized customer service sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing quality landscaping to our customers in Calgary.

Our landscaping services in Calgary include:

* Paving stones/interlocking brick patios, walkways##
* Natural flagstone paths and patios
* Retaining walls and stone garden bed retainers
* Trees and Shrubs
* Landscape design
*Underground sprinkler systems
* Thinning out perennial or shrub beds
* Sod and Tree Removal
* Kentucky bluegrass sod

Landscape Design and Installation
Chinook Landscaping Calgary can help you design a practical, functional landscape for you and your family. We can provide you with friendly, helpful landscaping advice , and help you choose trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals for your property. Give us a call to arrange a no cost landscaping consultation and estimate. We will be happy to meet with you. Depending on what you require, we can create a professional landscape design for you or work form a simple sketch. Visit our landscape design page for more.

Service and Quality
We love to landscape and it shows. We enjoy working with our clients to help them create a great landscape. Our dedication to service sets us apart in the Industry. Weather you are looking for back yard or front yard landscaping, our quality landscaping installations will give you lasting beauty and leave you knowing you chose the right landscaper in Calgary. At Chinook Landscaping Calgary we pride ourselves on on- time installations and we complete our landscaping projects quickly and efficiently with no unnecessary delays.

Competitive landscaping pricing in Calgary
We guarantee very competitive landscaping pricing in Calgary, so you know you won't be paying too much for your landscaping project. Our experience has helped us to become a very efficient landscaper with minimal overhead, so we can pass those cost savings on to you. Have a look at our peace of mind checklist to learn more.

Landscaping ideas and information
If you would like to know more about the landscaping process and how it works click on this landscaping Calgary schedules page. Landscaping schedules discusses the correct order to build your new landscape and it also tells you how to install many of the components.

No deposits or progress payments
We believe in completing your landscaping job properly first. So when it comes to deposits, we don't take them. When we have completed the job and you are 100 % happy with the outcome, only then will we accept payment. If your landscaper can't make any progress without a payment then there's a problem. To learn more about how we work our payments, check out our no progress payments page. We are also fully insured and licensed to work in the City of Calgary. Check our no deposits or progress payments page for more information.

Not Just an Estimate
Our landscaping estimates are detailed and include all your requests, and we address all your concerns. We break down all the landscaping components separately , materials and labor are included in each estimate. We will answer all your questions clearly. No Grey areas, no hidden costs.

If you like, you can complete the landscaping estimate request form for landscaping in Calgary

or Cal us at: 403-452-8552

Visit landscaping Calgary for more information

For more landscaping in Calgary you can check out our landscaping information website :

Landscaping Calgary

or landscaping Calgary guide and Trees Calgary


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