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Mowing pavers are a great choice to define your garden bed areas, property lines or tree beds.  Mowing pavers are becoming more and more popular in Calgary yards. Mowing pavers are stone bricks that create a border between one area of your landscaping and another. Most often, you will see mowing pavers define a border between a garden and a lawn. They also work well as tree wells, dividing neighboring front yards or beside driveways. Mowing pavers sit flush or level with the ground and don't sit above ground like stack stone or wood retaining walls. They allow you to rest the wheel of your lawn mower on them so you can easily cut the grass without having your mower fall into garden areas where there is no grass to be cut. Mowing pavers really come in handy around garden beds as they prevent the mower wheel from falling into the garden bed. This common problem often causes you to scalp the lawn surrounding your garden and you may end up mowing decorative rock or mulch unintentionally. Defining borders in your landscaping is one of the most important ways to improve the look of your landscaping. Mowing pavers cost less than stack stone and give you a clean, defined border.

Not all mowing pavers are installed alike.

If you want mowing pavers that are going to last they have to be installed properly. We install our mowing pavers using the same process as our paving stone patio and walkway installations. We excavate, then install compacted gravel in the trench and then we install the mowing pavers. This compacted gravel gives the paving stones a level surface to rest on and will prevent frost heaves from raising the paving stones. We are one of the few landscaping companies in Calgary that use snap edging on the inside of the paving stones. The snap edging retains the paving stones and prevents them from sliding into your garden bed. Our properly installed mowing pavers will look beautiful in your yard and they will last for years to come.


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