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We have created a number of different pages to assist you in finding accurate local information about landscaping in Calgary. We call this page our landscaping library because it lists all the different pages we have in one area so you don't have to search around trying to find the landscaping information you need. As you are probably aware, Calgary has a unique growing climate that can be hard on plantings, especially new ones. In order to create a successful landscape you will need to know about things that work in Calgary and things that won’t. Have look at the following pages to learn about everything from patio creation, including brick and flagstone, trees to grow in Calgary, shrubs to grow in Calgary and much more. We also provide links to other useful landscaping sites that have helped us compile the information contained here.


Landscaping on a budget

This is a subject many Calgary home owners are interested in. We discuss the importance of building your landscaping properly and ways to save on your landscape installation.


Great options for hedges

Hedges or natural fences are inexpensive to plant and can give you a very attractive border for your front or back yard. Many natural fence and hedge planting options exist.


Cedars and Junipers



It is not uncommon to see dead cedars littering Calgary yards in the spring. That is because cedars for the most part do not grow well here. Regardless of this fact, local garden centers continue to sell many varieties that are meant for a B.C. climate and Calgarians continue to plant them. This page discusses the one good cedar option for Calgary and it recommends planting junipers instead.


Landscaping Schedules

Do you know what order you need to build your landscape? Having a good understanding of the landscape process and the correct order to install your landscaping is very important.


Alternative landscaping

Just and the title implies, this page is dedicated to discussing alternatives to main stream landscaping.


Cost effective landscaping

A take off from landscaping on a budget, this page discusses more solutions to cost effective landscaping. There are many ways to build a cost effective landscape from choosing a competitive landscaper to using lower priced but good quality materials.


Fertilizing your lawn

One of the best ways to grow a healthy lawn is by fertilizing. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways to kill or stunt your lawns growth is by fertilizing improperly. This page tells you how to correctly fertilize your lawn and what times of the year to apply fertilizer.


Fruit trees that grow well in Calgary

Stock up your freezer for winter! Growing great fruit in Calgary is possible and this article tells you all about the best varieties for Calgary's climate.


Grass cycling your lawn


Grass cycling is a great way to recycle your grass without taking it off the property.


Over seeding your lawn

Have a bald patch on your lawn? There is a proper way to seed your lawn to fill in the patches but also to add seed to your entire lawn and create a fuller lusher lawn in your front and back yard.


Perfect perennials

These perennials really are perfect for Calgary. We include some photos of some of the most popular perennials grow in the city.


Yard pest’s good guys


Many of the insects that surround our lawns and gardens are actually good for our plants and good for us. It is important not to blindly kill all the insects we see as they play an important role in the balance of our landscaping.


Calgary strawberry Gardens


Strawberries are probably nature’s healthiest fruit. Full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they are great to eat fresh but also keep well frozen for months in your freezer. Believe it or not, Calgary is a great place for strawberry gardens. You can grow a patch and not have to plant it again for 3 years.


Lawn and Garden


All about lawn and gardens in Calgary. This article focuses on the most common issues for Calgary home owners pertaining to their lawns and gardens.


Spruce and pine tree lawn damage

Evergreens can really harm your lawns. Throughout Calgary you can see where large spruce or pine trees are taking over front and back yards. This article discusses practical solutions to this problem.

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