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At Chinook Landscaping and Design Inc. we do our best to recycle everything we can from our job sites. It is important for us to do whatever we can to minimize what goes into the city landfill. As part of our green initiative, our staff is trained to make sure we separate recyclable material from landfill material. If we are working at your residence, quite often you will notice we create different haul out piles depending on where the product is going. You will also notice we don't use a bobcat for most sod removal jobs as it removes far too much good topsoil which then has to be replaced and of course that cost is passed on to the customer. We use a sod cutter in most cases and that removes mainly the sod and root ball leaving the good topsoil behind. There are exceptions of course for instance when the soil under the sod is of a poor quality then we will remove it and add a higher grade top soil. As well as recycling sod, we recycle concrete material and give away old landscape materials to members of the community. Read on to find out more.


Sod recycling
We remove over 30,000 cubic feet of sod every season. Instead of bringing it to the landfill we bring it to the local tree farm where it is turned into compost and eventually into a very high-grade garden mix. This is an important green initiative to us. The garden mix is then used for the farm as well as on landscaping projects. This not only means less landfill waste but also it also means am excellent product is being created to help trees, shrubs and other plants flourish. When we remove sod we are always careful to only remove a small layer of soil unless the customer requests more soil to be removed.


Concrete Recycling
We remove many tons of concrete each season and very little of it ends up in the Calgary landfill. Instead, we take it to a concrete recycle that crushes it and reuses it. This helps to save our customers some haul out fees but it also makes good use of old concrete and helps reduce the need for new concrete products. We are proud to recycle our concrete in this way.


Free landscape materials to the public
We often have leftover landscape materials from our residential landscape projects. Old paving stones, flagstone, and stack stone are just some of the many landscape products we give away to the public. We take a photo of the stone and place ads on local websites. It does not take long for someone to pick up the material to use for their own projects. We never sell any of the landscaping products we remove from our customer’s properties. We find this is a great way to keep material out of the landfill and pass on material to those who need it.

We hope to add more green initiatives in the future. If you have any feedback or ideas for us regarding recycling programs or other green initiatives please let us know.


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