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Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire-pits and fireplaces are a great addition to your landscaping. They bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your yard and are great for getting friends and family together. We have installed many fire-pits and fireplaces throughout Calgary. Some are simple and practical and others are more elaborate. When deciding whether you want a fireplace or fire-pit, it is probably best to consider the costs first.

Fire-pits are your least expensive option for obvious reasons. They require minimal labor and materials so they can be installed quickly at a reasonable price. Fire-pits can be gas, gas starter, or wood burning. Gas fireplaces are more costly due to the expense of running a gas line and paying for gas-fitter fees. Quite often the gas line costs as much or more as the fire-pit itself. The expense is often worth it though because with a gas fire-pit you can create a warm cozy fire within seconds. If you want a wood burning fireplace it is still very convenient to have a gas starter to help light your wood quickly. In accordance with the City of Calgary bylaw, gas Fire-pits must at least 2 meters from any structure in your yard including your house. See this link for more Fire-pit bylaws we install fire pits using various materials including natural stone and mortar or precast stack stone.


Fireplaces are much more costly than fire-pits but they are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Fireplaces require more room than a fire-pit so you will need to consider that when deciding whether or not it works for your yard. We install mainly gas fireplaces but some clients still request a wood burning fireplace. As with a fire-pit, you can choose a gas starter to help you get your wood lit faster. We typically construct our fireplaces by first installing a cement pad for the foundation. Fireplaces require this cement pad due to the weight of the fireplace structure. After we have installed the pad, we build a structure using cinder block and mortar. Then we install firebrick for the firebox. Once the structure is ready we install the stone veneer to the outside of the cinderblock. There are numerous options for stone veneer including cultured and natural stone. As with the stone veneer, you can choose natural or precast stone for your mantle and hearth.


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