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Landscaping on a Budget Pt. 2

continued from landscaping on a budget

Continued from landscaping on a budget


We always recommend planting the larger caliper trees -caliper meaning width across trunk in inches or mm- early on in your landscaping.  These large trees are very heavy and awkward and are nice to have in place as part of your landscaping essentials before you start to work on the rest of your landscaping.  Your yard and your family will benefit from the shade created by the trees, and the right trees also help to give you privacy in your yard and bring nature to your back door.  Open yards with nothing but grass can be somewhat plain and barren feeling, but of course, the choice is yours. 


Sod for front and backyard lawn
installing sod to create a lawn in your front or back lawn would be the minimal landscaping you could choose.  You could choose this option if you had limited funds or if you are uncertain about what else you want for different landscaping components.  One advantage to this is you can always cut out portions of sod and create your landscaping in its place.  For example, in your backyard, you could cut out an area for a patio and fire pit.  Of course, you end up paying for sod you throw away, so it is best to try to install major landscaping projects at the start.


Natural edge flower beds.
To reduce costs you could choose a natural edge for your flower beds instead of using stack stone or natural stone.  A natural edge simply means the border would be edged down about 6 inches with an edge and there would be no stone, plastic or other material or border used as an edge. To read more about edging options visit or edging options page


To reduce costs, use less stone in your landscaping.
Although we highly recommend using a stone of some kind in your landscaping because it adds value, you could use less to reduce the costs. For flower beds you could reduce the height of your stone border, thereby reducing the overall stone used and this would lower the cost. Small patios and narrower walkways can also help reduce costs of stone and the labor to install it. You don't have to have a large patio or walkway in the yard but make sure what you do install does serve its purpose. Otherwise, you may want to wait until you have enough in your budget to properly install your patios so they are to your liking they get utilized properly.


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