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When should we install our new home landscaping? 
Installing your landscape on a new home yard should be delayed until settling has finished.  When you home was built and the foundation was installed, the soil around the foundation was disturbed from its original hard packed state.  Therefore, there is a particularly soft area surrounding the foundation of your home that will need time to settle.  You can speed up settling of your yard by soaking the soil around foundations. Natural settling usually takes about a year. We can help you identify if your settling has finished. 

How long will my landscaping take to complete? 
Landscaping times vary for each landscape component. Here are some average times it takes Chinook to install different landscaping components in Calgary. New sod laid including soil installation for sod base and grading. 1-2 days. 200 square foot paving stone patio installed including excavation. 2-3 days. 2- 30 linear foot Stone garden bed retainers installed 1-2 days. 3 Large Caliper Trees 1/2 day. 4 zone underground sprinkler system 2-3 days. 

What comes first?
If your landscaping is a completely new project there is a proper schedule that should be followed.  You can visit our landscaping page to learn more.  We always give our customers a schedule of their specific installation project to help them understand the process better. 

How much do different landscaping projects cost?
Click here to try this handy landscaping calculator. It allows you to type in your landscape project and gives you the price for a professional landscaper to install it. The costs are fairly accurate and within 10-20% of actual. Keep in mind that there are many things that will affect your price for landscaping in Calgary including access to your yard, type of materials chosen for the job, and the landscaping company you choose to do the work. Chinook Landscaping Guarantees the most competitive prices in Calgary. 

How much should I spend on my landscaping?
Many landscapers will tell you a specific price you should spend on your landscaping based on calculating a percentage of your home’s value. We do not buy into this formula as every home owners needs are different, and their budgets vary greatly as well   For instance, there is nothing wrong with having a large yard of mainly sod and a few trees on a million dollar property, if the homeowner likes this type of landscape. Conversely, there is nothing wrong with having a back yard landscaped entirely in stone in a 300,000 property. It all depends on what the owner likes, and needs. Landscaping does affect the value of your home so whatever landscaping you choose for your yard, make sure it is installed properly.  Have a look at our page landscaping on a budget to learn more about how to spend your money wisely on your landscaping project.


Do spruce or pine trees make my lawn acidic?
No, this is a myth. Many tests have proven that evergreen needles do not alter the Ph of soil. Poor lawn growth is more likely caused by lack of sunlight under your evergreen and dry soil conditions. To learn about spruce and pine tree solutions, Visit our Spruce page 


What are the best trees and shrubs for growing plants in Calgary's climate?
There are a number of excellent varieties of trees and shrubs that grow great in Calgary's climate. Appropriate trees and shrubs depend on your yards growing environment which includes soil conditions, lighting, and shelter.   Some of the most popular trees we install are Swedish aspens, ash, Japanese tree lilac, May day, Colorado blue spruce, Amur cherry.  Refer to our tree or or shrub photo guide page for lost of photos of trees and shrubs that grow well in Calgary. 


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