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Paving stone Repair

Each season we receive a lot of inquiries regarding paving stone repair. Most often the repairs are to do with sunken pathways, patios, or fire pit areas. Paving stone repair can be as simple as removing a few stones or as complex as removing and re-installing an entire patio or sidewalk. 

What to consider 
Cost and aesthetics are the most important thing to consider when deciding whether you want to go ahead with the repair. The cost of removing and re-installing an entire patio or walkway can be as expensive as having a new patio installed with a new modern brick. You may ask " Why would the cost be the same? After all shouldn't you be saving money because you don't have to buy new bricks?". The expensive repair cost is usually due to the fact that the bricks have to be removed, stacked, and then re-installed again. The sub-surface was usually not installed properly and that is why the bricks or paving stones sunk. To install the sub surface properly we will need to remove the existing sand and crushed gravel and then excavate where necessary. We typically don't use the old sand or gravel as it is often mixed together and will not tamp properly to create a good base for the paving stones. So, as you can see there ends up being substantial costs for labour and haul out when dealing with old paving stones. Of course, if you only have a small area that has sunken then the repair costs would be much less. The concern with repairing small areas, especially if it is likely the sub surface is not adequate, is the likelihood that the surrounding paving stones may eventually sink.


Install new or repair the old paving stones?
If you like the look of your old paving stones then you can have your old paving stones re-installed after the base is correctly installed. Prepare to pay a square foot repair cost that will be similar to having new paving stones installed. If you just have some small areas that need repair then the cost should be minimal although getting someone out to do the repairs will typically involve a minimum charge. There are a number of great looking new paving stones on the market so if you are tired of the old looking you could consider upgrading to a more modern design. We consider many of the new styles to be timeless so we don't expect the look to go out of style. Remember, adding a new modern look to your home will likely help increase the value so you should look at it as an investment rather than an expense.


To learn more about our paving stone installations and paving stone styles visit this page.


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