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Competitive Price Guarantee

At Chinook landscaping Calgary we guarantee our prices to be the most competitive in the landscaping industry in Calgary. Our landscaping pricing guarantee means you won't pay too much for your landscaping. We maintain a business that allows us to give you the best possible prices in Calgary. Whether you’re interested in a new patio, or walkway, trees, shrubs, sod, or retaining walls, or if you are looking for a complete landscaping makeover, we guarantee you a great price and a professional installation.


Shop around for your landscaping 
We encourage our landscaping clients to get three estimates for their landscaping project. This gives you peace of mind knowing you were thorough in your search for the best price. If you receive an estimate that is substantially lower than ours we would recommend researching the company to ensure you receive a professional landscaping installation, and that you also receive a proper warranty for the landscaping. Most times you do get what you pay for so make sure you know what kind of landscaping materials you are getting.

We work within your landscaping budget
At Chinook, we don’t pressure you to install landscaping that is beyond your budget. We listen to your concerns and create a landscaping plan for you that suits your needs and stays within the constraints of your budget. We will often recommend customers reduce their landscaping scope even know it means a smaller job for us. Making sure you end up with a yard that looks great and is functional is the most important thing to us.

One year Warranty on all plantings including trees and shrubs.
We provide a one year warranty on all of our plantings. We will replace any trees, shrubs, perennials or sod within one year of their installation if we find they have not died due to neglect. Some acreage plantings may be not be included in the warranty as the conditions are often much harder on plantings.

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